Saturday, May 22, 2010

iPhone3G gets the Froyo treat!

iFroyo :: iPhone3G gets the Froyo treat!

Hello World!
Being a linux fanboy, I've always wanted to run linux on iPhone. Many thanks to @planetbeing and all the hackers involved in porting Linux on iPhone. Past few days have been really interesting since I learnt a lot. I have been playing with Android source and got Android 2.1 running on iPhone3G.
hen Android 2.2 aka Froyo was announced at Google I/O 2010, I couldn't resist to see Froyo running on iPhone. And guess what? my iPhone3G got the Froyo treat yesterday! :) #

How I did it? Well no rocket science here, I downloaded Android 2.2 sdk, and created emulator device similar to iPhone's spec to generate system.img & ramdisk.img image files. As @planetbieng has already released idroid-0.2 prebuilt images for iPhone3G, I integrated his changes into sdk 2.2 generated images and voila! as soon as I uploaded these in my iPhone3G, I saw Froyo up and running! (okay! it wasn't as smooth as I described, took multiple attempts to get it right).

Why this post? Although running a stripped down sdk version of Android 2.2 on iPhone isn't much of a biggie, I think its worth noticing that arguably, today's most advanced "open source" operating system is first available to users of iPhone3G, even before Nexus One or any other OEM providers! How cool is that?

If you own an iPhone3G, and want to give it the same Froyo treat, then the link below is for you... but before you use them BE-WARNED!!! that these are just EXPERIMENTAL images and WILL NOT be supported. Some important points to note:
  • Baseband works : I can send/recv calls & sms
  • Audio does not work
  • Wifi does not work
  • These images are built ONLY for iPhone3G since I don't have other iDevices
I am sure @planetbeing will release official images once full source code of Android 2.2 is released by google to the open source community (which should be in coming weeks as tweeted by @googleio). For the impatient bravehearts, download this iFroyo release, and follow the same steps as described by @planetbeing in PC World article to install it.

Happy Weekend :)

iFroyo-3g Download Link : (inactive)
MD5-Sum : 89ae4a498f97497189f2156b0f05911f